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Painting with Shayna

Art classes at your doorstep.

"Each of us is an artist, capable of conceiving and creating a vision from the depths of our being."

-Dorothy Fadiman

Shayna Parker
Class Set-up
Cloud Scape

About SHayna

Shayna has over 18 years of experience facilitating art programs for people of varying abilities. Possessing a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, she approaches her craft with a strong passion, particularly when involving the very people she instructs. Incorporating patience and positivity, she leads group classes, seasonal in theme or in connection to a historic artist or technique. Her flexibility with class ideas paired with input for desired programs is second to none. Though primarily instructing painting classes, she is capable in many mediums and is happy to accomodate class requests. 


She is accustomed to people with challenges including visual/hearing impairments, paralysis, arthritic conditions, as well as dementia. As an artist, she has the creativity and flexibility to adapt projects and tools allowing for their full participation on any level.


She believes in granting artistic expression to all persons regardless of ability or age. 

How it works:

Shayna provides all materials for classes accommodating up to ten participants for 1 flat rate. (Additional fee for over 10 participants.) 

Materials include:

table cloths, easels (when needed), paper/canvas*, paint brushes, rags, water cups, palettes, aprons and table covers

*canvas or paper used depending on what is appropriate for each project. 


What she requires:

  • Tables with seating for 10 people (with enough elbow room to work)

  • Access to a sink to fill/empty water containers and wash brushes

Contact us for rates and booking.

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